76ers nip Celtics in OT, 95-94

Celtics were up four at the half but after a lousy 3rd quarter, fell behind by as much as eight points.  Rajon Rondo showed why he's clearly  the Celtics' best player.  His all-around game becomes contagious and he nearly had a triple-double early in the second half (he'd achieve it later in the 3rd quarter).  But the Celtics comeback, which momentarily gave them the lead, eventually wasn't enough.

Jon Barry is an ass and always will be.  Not many guys picked in the 20s of the first round will refuse a contract from the Boston Celtics, the most winning franchise back in the league in 1992.  But Barry did just that, holding out for more money until he was shipped to the Bucks for Alaa Abdelnaby.  He was obnoxious as a ball player and he's an idiot of an announcer.  He said twice in the second quarter how Paul Pierce was the leading scorer in Celtics' franchise history.  He obviously is clueless and doesn't know about John Havlicek.  For as cool as Brent Barry is, Jon's the complete opposite.

Some final points:
  • I like Sullinger's rebounding ability.  He really does have a knack for it and rebounding, as much as it is hard work, it's also a skill.  If you don't believe me ask Moses Malone and Dennis Rodman.
  • Jeff  Green had a nice swooping layup in the second quarter that reminded me of George Gervin.  The more aggressive he is the better and the sooner he can find his groove the better off the Celtics will be.
  • More plays need to be run for Jason Terry that don't involve him doing his best Ray Allen-impersonation of running around screens.
  • How many times does Brandon Bass drive baseline wildly and it result in a bad thing? 
  • Damian Wilkins isn't reminding anyone of his uncle Dominique Wilkins.  He isn't reminding them of dad Gerald either.
  • Evan Turner has the exact same body type as Boris Diaw.  He is the American version of Boris Diaw.
  • Anyone sick of the Rondo iso to try and win a game at the buzzer?  That's the play Boston ran to end regulation and they've run too much over the years.  Has it ever worked?  Why do they go back to it?  Rondo has improved his jumper (evident in the first half) but it's still not the play I want run.
  • Caldwell Jones was out of action tonight. 
The Celtics finish up the home and home tomorrow night for a rare Saturday night game in Boston.  Why is it called a "home and home?"  I always wondered that.  Isn't it really a "home and away"?  Ok I feel better now.