Thoughts on guard who shattered NCAA scoring record with 138 points

Grinnell's Jack Taylor didn't just amend the NCAA's record books when he scored 138 points -- a new collegiate high mark -- in his team's 179-104 victory over Faith Baptist Bible Tuesday night. The Division III star wrote a new chapter.

"There was a point during the second half where I hit a number of threes in a row -- maybe seven or eight -- I felt like anything I threw up was going in," Taylor said. "I've been in the zone before but I've never taken so many shots."

Bevo Francis of Rio Grande held the NCAA scoring record with 113 points against Hillsdale in 1954.

By the end of the night, Taylor was 52-for-108 (27-for-71 from the 3-point line) and he'd established a new collegiate record.

Taylor has been getting flack from a decent amount of reporters and bloggers typing from atop their soap boxes. I've read that Taylor should be ashamed of himself and the coach deserves to be fired. I'm sorry, but this isn't middle school basketball. This is college basketball. If a guy has a shot at a record he has a right to go for it. The kid is a Division III player. It's not like he's going to the NBA. This will be the highlight of his life and his teammates were obviously on board with this. They also got to be apart of history.

To the people saying he was selfish, would you have rather seen him finish with 90 points, so a bunch of his teammates could finish with 8 apiece? Would you have wanted that as a teammate? If I was his teammate, I'd have been setting picks for him to get open (either that or I'd be going for the record and he's be setting the picks. One or the other). I'm sorry, but quality teammates find joy in their fellow teammates setting records. The Celtics were thrilled when Ray set his 3-point record and I'm sure they're pulling for Rondo now. If you played with this Taylor kid and would rather score a couple meaningless baskets yourself than see him shatter this record than you are petty and jealous.

As for the coach, he did nothing wrong in my opinion, just like Doc did nothing wrong letting Rondo extend his assist streak this week. The coach that should be fired is the opposing coach that couldn't figure out a way to contain a 5'10" guard. To me this is a remarkable sports story. Like Carmelo Anthony says in the ESPn article, it's the stuff of video games. Congrats to jack Taylor and his teammates.

What's your opinion?