Rumor mill begins churning: Gasol for Amare reportedly discussed

Earlier today, Hoops World reported that the likelihood of Pau Gasol being dealt exists as the now 32 year old big man suffers through the worst season of his career. Of course, this is not the first time the Big Llama has been on the trading block. Gasol was nearly dealt for Chris Paul before last season, and the rumors of a multi-team trade that would involve both Pau and Rajon Rondo began circulating at the trade deadline last season.

Gasol is set to make $38.3 million dollars over the next two seasons (including this one) and is dealing with tendinitis in both knees at the moment. Now normally an expensive, aging, declining big man would not be able to draw much attention on the open market. Unless of course you could find another expensive, aging, declining big man. Perhaps one that is currently out of action while his team flourishes without him and used to play with the Lakers new coach and point guard. I mean stuff like that is what rumors are made of, too bad there's no way a situation like that could exist, right? // GOOD GOD THAT'S AMARE STOUDEMIRE'S MUSIC //Simmons

Well that didn't take long, did it? Now usually the Lakers are the ones pulling off trades that have absolutely no business happening. You know, like trading a center with paper mache knees for the best big man in the game. But not in this case. Should this trade come to fruition (and I know it's a long, long way from actually happening), the Knicks would be legitimately stealing from LA. Gasol, in the midst of decline or not, is still a very useful player. He's a great passer, a strong rebounder, and his inside/out offensive game is fantastic.

Stoudemire on the other hand? Yeesh. I was a big fan of Amare in his Suns days, but the man is aging in dog years. He can no longer guard his shadow, and he simply slows down the Knicks offense. Love Carmelo or hate him, the team works better when the offense runs around him. Since the start of last season New York is 23-28 with Stoudemire in the line-up, and 23-9 when he sits out. On top of that, Amare is under contract for 3 more years, and $60 million. One year, and $22 million more than Gasol.

Now usually Celtics fans would be rooting like crazy for this deal to go through. I mean if it makes the Lakers worse, I'd be all for it 98% of the time. But not this time. The Knicks are a legitimate threat in the Atlantic and this trade would make them even more dangerous. Gasol doesn't need nearly the number of shots that Amare does to be successful and would make the Knicks a much more efficient team.

So once again I find myself in the familiar position of hoping the Lakers do not pull off a Blockbuster deal. But this time it's not because it makes them better. But because it makes them worse.

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