Rondo's jump shot: so far so good.

Before the season started I posed the question "What if this is the year Rajon Rondo can finally shoot?"  Through 7 games, his numbers are looking very promising.  Currently Rondo is shooting 52.8% from the floor, which would be a personal best and significantly higher than his career 48.2 FG%.  It also ranks 3rd highest in the league among point guards.

In a Boston Globe article this morning, Gary Washburn notes that Rondo has connected on 26 of 53 jumpers this season.  Washburn details the extra-curricular routine the point guard has been going through each day:

After each practice and shootaround, Rondo fishes out rookie Jared Sullinger for some extra work. The two work on a pick-and-roll drill that helps both of them. Rondo dribbles with Sullinger setting a shadow pick, and while Rondo shoots off the pick, Sullinger receives a pass from a coach and also shoots. When the two combine to hit 20 shots, the drill is over, and Rondo wants to go again.

Also worth mentioning is Rondo's increased three point shooting.  He's made 3 of 10 so far this year; and while the percentage isn't great (although considerably better than his career 24.4%) the volume is significant.  After knocking down just 10 three's in each of the past two seasons, he's currently on pace to hit roughly 35, more than double his career high (17).

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