Recap: Milwaukee Bucks Pummel Boston Celtics 99-88

It was just that kind of a night. The Celtics looked tired and disinterested; giving in to a speedy Milwaukee team that absolutely abused Boston inside and on the break.

Slow Start, and it didn't get Better: The Celtics were hoping to come out strong and be the aggressor, but Milwaukee actually controlled the game early, forcing turnovers as the Celtics could not establish a rhythm. It was painful to watch as the Celtics got pounded on the glass and could not buy a bucket. Milwaukee was up by as much as 18 in the second, led by 15 first-half points from Brandon Jennings. The young point guard was fantastic with 21 points, 13 assists, and 6 steals. Boston never came back. This is a game the Celtics could have grinded out with defensive intensity, but they turned the ball over incessantly and allowed far too many uncontested layups. 6 Bucks finished in double figures, including some dude named Tobias Harris who burned us with 18 points.

Sully: The only decent performer in the first half, Jared Sullinger had 6 points and 6 boards by intermission. After 8 forgettable minutes in Miami, Sully showed that he can play effective minutes with the first and second units. However, he barely contributed in the second half. The rookie still has a long way to go if he wants to be a consistent difference-maker this season.

Green Watch: After a horribly disappointing in the season opener, Jeff Green had a solid offensive game. Though he bricked his first 3 attempts from downtown, he attacked the rim for some athletic layups and had a nice 7-point 3rd quarter to finish with 11 points. However, he was helpless on the glass with 1 rebound, as was KG(4).

The Jet: Apparently there is a buildup on the runway, because Jason Terry remains grounded. After poor shooting against Miami, Jason was invisible until it was too late, scoring 10 points all in garbage time tonight.

Quis!: Did absolutely nothing. He went 0-4 in 7 minutes, his only categories with a non-zero were turnovers(1), steals(1), and fouls(1). It was fun to see the old Celtic, and it's worth noting that his career seemed over 2 years ago after the freak spinal injury.

Next up: The Celtics will try not to match last year's 0-3 start as they go into Washington D.C. tomorrow night. I know it seems like an easy W, but Boston had better come in focused if they want to avoid another disaster. John Wall is out with a knee injury so hopefully Rondo can get the ball moving for improved offense.