Rajon Rondo spends his morning teaching Algebra. Wait, what?

Rondo spent his morning teaching Algebra.  Wait, what?
On Saturday night Rajon Rondo handed out 10+ assists for the 27th consecutive game, so it's nothing new for the Celtics star to be helping out teammates on the court. But today the C's point guard was dishing out some help of a different kind, teaching Algebra to students at the Harbor middle school in Dorchester.

Not surprising considering Rondo has been a staple in the community since his rookie season in 2006, but nice to see that some kids benefit from this stretch of 3 days between games for the Celts. Oh and for those wondering how hands on Rondo was in the classroom, check out the Mathlete yourself:

For those with poor eyesight the problem on the board is 3(x-7)+5 = 26, solve for X.

I expect all work to be shown in the comments section and no one share their work.

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