Avery Bradley plans on coming back even better than before

WEEI has a nice new piece on Avery Bradley where the young guard has used his time off to improve as a player. Considering he was nominated for NBA player of the month honors prior to his shoulder injury, and improved AB could be a pretty deadly thing.
"I think even though I'm not playing, you can definitely get better because I'm getting my body stronger," he said. "So, I'm definitely going to come back stronger and be a better player."


Bradley is no longer worrying about minutes, roles or even bad passes and missed shots. He is simply observing, from a vantage point the likes of which he has never experienced.

"I look at it completely different now," he said. "Some things that Doc [Rivers] might see -- because he sees a lot of things that players don't see -- I'm starting to see. Being a back-up point guard you need to know where everybody has to be. You need to know certain plays. Now, sitting back watching, I can try and become like [Rajon] Rondo as far as knowing where everybody's supposed to be. Just trying to be the General.

"It helps you feel a lot more comfortable know the plays."

The Celtics need Bradley to seize the back-up point guard position. This doesn't mean he can't start at the 2 or play most of his minutes there. We just need someone to play 10 minutes a game competently at the point, so that Rondo can rest and the team doesn't blow leads while he does.

Bradley also says in the interview that he's spent a lot of time watching Rondo and video in order to become a better player. I'm happy that the Celtics haven't rushed AB's recovery. I know people get bent out of shape by early season woes, but what's infinitely more important is how the team is doing in the spring and if they're healthy. Would be awesome to see Bradley back on the court next month, but if he needs more time, so be it. I'm excited to see an even better #0 out there.

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