Ainge: "I thought it was refreshing, actually, how KG responded [to Ray]"

Count Danny Ainge as a big fan of KG's intensity
Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge made his first weekly appearance on WEEI yesterday and spoke on a number of issues, including his complete support for KG choosing to ignore Ray the other night in Miami. Said Ainge,

I thought it was refreshing, actually, how KG responded. It's different than everybody else and it's KG. I think Ray was not offended by it, so why should anybody else be?

Ainge is 100% right of course, that's the intensity that has made Garnett one of the top 15-20 players in NBA history, so why would this situation be any different? KG is KG, take it or leave it.

Danny also spoke about the plan with Fab Melo, which most definitely seems like it involves a road map of 95 and plenty of time in Portland. No surprise there, with Wilcox, Milicic and Collins all fighting for a rotation spot there's no reason to have Melo collecting DNP-CD's at the end of the bench. Let the kid play with the Red Claws.

As for Tuesday's disappointing opener? Ainge doesn't seem overly worried about it. Although he did criticize the team's lack of aggression against the Heat,

I didn't think we were aggressive, offensively or defensively

We didn't attack them. We were reacting to what they were doing

Danny made sure to repeatedly mention how much he likes the team he put together, saying "Our team is going to be good" numerous times. And that's probably the biggest thing to take away from the interview. Despite the poor showing against the Heat, this entire organization, from the top down, is incredibly excited about the potential of this team.

The Bucks are coming into one of the toughest buildings to play in the league, against a talented team that is angry at itself for how they played last time out. Watch out.

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