138 Points? Complete and Utter BS

Last week, a Grinnell College player made headlines for scoring 138 points in a NCAA game. Many NBA players like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant were astounded by the feat, but the initial reports totally overlooked one thing: the entire game was a publicity stunt.

When Wilt Chamberlain score 100 or Kobe scored 81, they probably weren't planning that out; they just got really hot and then decided to shoot all game. However, Grinnell clearly planned this milestone ahead of time. First of all, Grinnell is a small Liberal Arts school in Divison III. Any D1 starter could destroy D3 defenders, but Grinnell wasn't even playing in it's own division. Their opponent? Faith Baptist Bible College, a school of 330 kids that is not even in the NCAA. A good high school team could dismantle Faith Baptist.

The questions continue. Grinnell's previous scoring record was 89, set last November? Is this mere coincidence? It is obvious that the new coaching staff and administration want to make headlines and manufacture records. While Taylor's 3-point stroke appears ungodly in this video, he actually shot 28 of 71 from 3-point land. That's 38%. Grinnell actually put in their scrubs just to foul and get the ball back so he could shoot, and you can specifically see him cherry-picking at 4:18. He took 108 field goals. That's one shot every 20 seconds! Even when Kobe chucked for 81 points, he "only" took a shot every 71 seconds.

This is like a David Blaine stunt making the front-page of the New York Times titled "Man Performs Real Magic". It's funny that while the media is busy making a stink about Rondo's "me-ball" assist rate (oh, the irony), most bigshot sports analysts don't seem to have a problem with Jack Taylor's heroics.