Video: Mike Gorman interviews rookie Fab Melo

I mentioned on draft night that Jared Sullinger would could contribute this year and had a good chance of starting as a rookie, but I also cautioned not to expect too much of Fab Melo his rookie season. Fab Melo is a bit older for a player with only two years of college experience, but picked the game up very late in life, so basketball wise he is still very raw. He'll play some in the D-League this year, but we won't really be able to grade Danny's pick for a couple more years. It's very hard to find a quality 7 footer outside the lottery in a draft, so I still caution to keep your expectations grounded. The next real glimpse of Melo we will most likely see is next Summer during Summer League. It will be on Fab to work on his game behind the scenes to make himself a NBA caliber player. Definitely rooting for the kid.

Video courtesy of CSNNE.