The New Green?

1st time all star? Comeback player of the year? Top 25 player in the NBA? How about all three. Jeff Green is back and his resurgence is as important to the Celtic's future as is Rondo's steady climb to become and maintain the title of the league's best playmaker. What is even more important is their connection and how they are able to make eachother better. The duo of Green and Rondo is maximized could become a league leading one-two punch with Courtney Lee serving as a dark horse or supporting man. The days of defense first and Paul Pierce massaging the ball, taking time off the clock and running the half-court offense are over. With Rondo, Sullinger, Green and Lee, the Celtic's have a brand new green wave in place and the only force that can stop it is ego. If it comes to the Eastern Conference Finals and Doc is still letting Pierce hold onto the ball and rim out flat footed threes while Kevin Garnett exhausts all his energy inside working for the hardest two points of his life, then we have a problem. If Doc insists on giving Pierce and Garnett too many touches and minutes the new way of the C's will never be able to flourish, and it will be a shame. By no means are KG and the Truth now "unimportant"... they will still start, they will still contribute, and they are still leaders and the backbone of this team. But do we start to see a shift and a passing of the torch? Can ego get in the way of what could be a great young core moving forward solely because the old guys feel like they need "one last shot?" I sure hope not. This is run and gun. East to west. 120 ppg. The days of the halfcourt and having to work 22 seconds for 2 points are over... The page is turning just in time, but will Doc make the correct choice in putting the best foot forward with these new C's?