The Brave and the Bold: Kris Joseph

"Kris, I think he's an all-around player" -Danny Ainge
Lost in the training camp battles and storylines (Can Jamar Smith be a backup PG? Can Dionte Christmas get any more likeable?) is the battle for one young man. I watched this guy ever since he got to Syracuse in 2008 (Proud brother of a Syracuse graduate). When we drafted him in the second round this year, I was ecstatic. One of my favorite college players of all time? On my favorite NBA team? Match made in heaven! But Kris unfortunately has made little noise so far in terms of locking up a roster spot, and I worry that he'll get cut. Now you may be asking, why care so much about a guy who will only get spot minutes as our third string SF? But its not about that. Its about adding guys to the current core who will help usher in the post-Garnett era.

Let me give you some background of Joseph's player profile for those who are not familiar with him: Hes a good shooter/slasher who has some nice athleticism and who isn't afraid of putting the ball on the floor and drawing contact at the rim. He may not seem like it, but hes got the ability to shoulder an offense burden if needed. His main question marks are his man-to-man defense and his rebounding. But Joseph's main value exceeds his skills on the court.

I have this romanticized view about what a "Celtic" is. A Celtic to me is a high character, hard-working person, who brings out their best for others. Growing up in the 90s, I wasn't exposed to as many of the "Celtics" as previous generations might have been. There were no Bill Russells, or Larry Birds, or even any Dave Cowens. Kris Joseph to me fits that definition those guys set for future Celtics perfectly. A relentless motor, an ability to lead others, and the determination to do what he needs for his teammates. His teammates and coaches have always said good things about him. Kris Joseph may never be more than a role player in this league, but the intangibles he brings to the table should make us want to have him be OUR role player. Kris to me has all the qualities of being a Celtic lifer. A guy that could come off the bench and be a pillar in the locker room for a decade. The Celtics organization prides itself on being well-run and highly organized, and just a good place to be for players and staff alike. Signing Kris Joseph, who can help right now, is not only a move to help us get Banner 18 this season, but to keep the Celtic tradition alive and keep inspiring kids like me.