Ryan Hollins called one of the best pick and roll defenders in the league by Clippers commentator

I'm not currently watching the LA Clippers vs. LA Lakers game, but before I headed to sleep I noticed that our old friend Ryan Hollins was trending on Twitter. It piqued my curiosity, as I expected to see some videos or gifs of an epic fail like the one above from last year when he was in a Celtics uniform.

Instead, I was surprised when I found out that Hollins was having one heck of a game, including a couple dunks. But the best part yet is that an LA Clippers commentator called Hollins "arguably the best pick and roll center defensively in the league."

Here are some amusing reactions from the Twittersphere. Personally, I am more than fine with Celtics replacing Hollins with Darko. We will see if Hollins' good play will keep up throughout the season.