NBA to cut Center position from All-Star ballots

- Hey bro, in 5 years you'll realize how lucky you are to be here.
In a move that complements the "small lineup" trend on NBA, the organization has decided to cut the Center position from the All-Star game this year as fans will vote for three frontcourt players.

This is one more blow to tb727 who has always yearned for the good old days when they grew Centers, yet as the article mentions, this will give players like KG and Bosh more chance to star in 2013 All-Star weekend.

Bad news for Bynum, Hibbert et al., good news for a game that has become a burden to watch since I don't know how long.

I also predict that the PG category will be dropped in the near future as the number of "true pointguards" are in a decline as well. The boldest move to come would be eliminating all positions, thereby turning it into a Globetrotteresque event but that's probably still some years ahead of us.

I know it's too early to think about it, but please comment on who you think will be the top 3 frontcourt players from each conference if you wish.