Movie: 30 for 30: BENJI - The True Story of a Dream Cut Short

Whenever I see a good basketball movie on youtube I like to share it on here. I've mentioned several times how good these ESPN 30 for 30 movies are. Here's another one on Chicago legend Ben Wilson. When I went to college in Chicago people would talk about this mythical high school kid who had had his life cut short by gun shots. Chicagoans would compare him to Michael Jordan. I've always wanted to know the whole Ben Wilson story and ESPN 30 for 30 does it justice.

On a separate note, and nothing to do with the Celtics or basketball, so please bare with me, but can I please add that Chicagoans need to stop with all the shooting, killing, and violence. You're one of America's best cities. This year has been brutal in Chicago. The violence there has got to stop. You're killing yourselves.

Click here for parts 4-6.