Kevin Garnett's trying to mentor Fab Melo

Boston Herald:
And no sooner had practice broke — the heavy stuff won’t be applied until tomorrow — than a bespectacled Garnett had Fab Melo over in one corner of the floor, attempting to teach the rookie the proper way to post up against an arm-barring defender.

Melo, his eyes glued to Garnett’s every move, has obviously passed the first test. KG wants to teach him.

“As long as Kevin is communicating to Fab, it’s fine,” said Rivers. “I would have a huge issue if it was Fab communicating to Kevin. That would actually concern me. But that’s good. When Kevin is communicating with you, that means he actually likes you. Fab has a chance. He’s a ways away, and Kevin understands that. He’s been very patient with him.”

I wonder what Celtics fans are really expecting from Melo? I've heard that not even the Celtics were that impressed with him when they drafted him, but they took a flier because of his size.

The mentorship of Kevin Garnett will certainly help, because Melo looked very raw in Summer League. The Celtics have plenty of big guys on the roster right now, with Darko, Wilcox and Collins all expected to fight for time behind Garnett. Melo is unlikely to see much time and we could see him go the way of JaJuan Johnson. Someone who sits on the bench and then gets traded.