Kevin Garnett keeps the dream alive

Sometimes it takes a little time and a little distance to see reality much clearer. Being a fan of the best franchise in the NBA makes you get used to very good things that you take for granted. All these things came to my mind last night as I randomly met a fan of the Indiana Pacers in Cracow, Poland. As a Spanish teacher in a language school I happen to meet loads of different people with different hobbies and passions. This student said he loved basketball and particularly the Indiana Pacers. When I told him I was a lifelong Celtics fan his reply was: "Good thing. I also hate the Heat and the Lakers". Then we discussed the outlook of both Pacers and Celtics and he mentioned how much he wished Garnett had played for Indiana instead.

At age 36, after 17 years in the NBA, Kevin Garnett will start his sixth season wearing Celtic Green. Can you believe it? It seems it was yesterday when we traded half of our team except for Rondo to get Kevin to Boston. And yet, I can no longer link KG to his Wolves years. He is just the best Celtic this franchise has had since Larry Bird.

Think about it, one of the best players of the history of the game is and will always be a Boston Celtic. This is by far the best transaction Danny Ainge has done this offseason. By extending Garnett, we keep a chance to breathe and live the true experience of being a Boston Celtics fan.

Garnett's passion, hard work and grit are trademarks of the Celtics nation. With Garnett we are able to dream on and live the most exciting years as fans that most of us have ever had. Not ever since the 80's have we ever had such a strong candidate for the title year after year. It didn't matter that our bench was thin in the previous seasons because we always had the Captain, 2013 MVP Rajon Rondo and the brutally talented Kevin Garnett in our team.

In this 2012/13 season we have added Jeff Green, Courtney Lee, Jason Terry and other great players to our squad, but we have kept the roots and soil of our team.

Paul Pierce is the Celtics body, the presence on the floor that can do absolutely anything he wants out there.

Rajon Rondo is the nervous system for this team, he makes it run, he makes fans thrill, and he makes everyone dream.

But Kevin Garnett is our circulatory system, pumping raging Green blood into the team and the fans. As long as KG is with us we will always be that same Celtics team that gave a new meaning to team oriented game in such an ego-oriented competition. With KG we are still ubuntu and we will always know that the Celtics will always overachieve in the crucial moments of the playoffs. When the ball burns in the players hands, when every game takes you a step closer to the glory of the champions we know that Garnett's body and soul will be behind every single play.

After all, KG is the Celtics heart and he gives life to all of us...players and fans.

Get ready, the action starts in six days.