Doc Rivers content with no backup point guard

Doc Rivers is pleased with the signing of Leandro Barbosa and isn't worrying about not having a traditional backup point guard like many fans, bloggers, and writers are.
“I love his speed, his ability to handle the ball. we don’t have a backup point (guard), but we have another ballhandler. Our theory is if we throw three ballhandlers out on the floor, someone can bring the ball up — and that’s the way we’ll play with our second unit.”

You'll recall that Keyon Dooling, Eddie House and Nate Robinson weren't traditional point guards either. I'm not worried about the position. You're talking only 10 minutes a game anyway. Better to have quality players on the court than inferior players who are only out there because of their "position." The Heat finally learned this and stopped playing their collection of corpse centers and won a title. Doc has always been a proponent of playing players over positions as well. It's not like a team will be able to press a backcourt of Terry and Barbosa (or Terry and Bradley).

What do you say?