Dionte Christmas has the "inside track" on a roster spot

"The guy that has jumped out, really, is Dionte Christmas … " -A. Sherrod Blakely

According to CSNNE Celtics/NBA reporter A. Sherrod Blakely, shooting guard Dionte Christmas currently has the "inside track" on obtaining one of the Celtic's last two roster spots. According to Blakely, the team likes the versatility and scoring they think they can get from Christmas, along with some new found defense and play making hes developed. I think we can speculate that they also like how hes really improved since graduating from Temple University. Along with his skills, something that could factor into Ainge's decision is the money they would have eat if they choose not to pick him. The money isn't a huge amount (only $200,000) but its something that could tip the scales in a fairly close battle between several of the training camp invitees (Kris Joseph has a fully unguaranteed contract and Smith has $25,000 guaranteed, becoming fully guaranteed ($473,604) if not waived on or before Nov. 15. The second year is fully non-guaranteed, becoming fully guaranteed ($788,872) if not waived by June 30, 2013.)

How do you guys feel about this? I think that this was fairly obvious due to the amount of coverage Dionte was seeing over guys like Jamar and Joseph, and because of his strong summer league play. As likeable as Christmas is, my plan of action would rather be to not sign him, sign a true backup point guard, and give the last roster spot to Kris Joseph to give us more depth at small forward. I feel that we have almost too much depth at SG and that Christmas won't make an impact a backup point would have, due to the fact that it seems Dionte would not get much opportunity, if any. How do you guys feel this situation should be handled?