Darko and Wilcox return to practice, Barbosa debuts

Good news as the C's get a couple of big bodies back at practice with just six days remaining before tip-off.

Wilcox did not appear in a pre-season game after straining his back on September 29th (the first day of practice). He has not appeared in an NBA game since March 7th after undergoing surgery to correct an aortic irregularity in his heart.

Darko Milicic also returned for the Green after missing Sunday's game with a sore wrist. Darko called himself "100 percent" healthy and ready to start the season.

Both guys will serve as valuable depth for the C's, Wilcox at both PF and Center, Milicic at Center. For those looking forward to how these guys may fit into the match-up with Miami, here are their numbers against the Heat in the Lebron era (since 2010):

Wilcox: 5 games, 15.2 Minutes per game, 5.2 PPG, 4.6 RPG

Milicic: 3 games, 14.0 MPG, 1.7 PPG, 4.3 RPG, 1.0 BPG

Small sample size of course, but Wilcox run and gun game is actually a very valuable asset to have against Miami. Before the injury last season he was really getting into a rhythm with Rondo and he was on the receiving end of many an alley-oop.

Chris Wilcox (44) returned to practice for the C's today
Milicic wouldn't seem to be as good of a match-up against Miami, especially with them turning toward the small ball line-up we saw play so well during the playoffs. But his size will come in handy eventually (especially if old man Bynum's knee ever heals up).

Leandro Barbosa was also spotted at practice today after visa issues had kept him awy from the team, which means that Avery Bradley was the only Celtic not to participate.

T-6 Days until the Green take their talents to South Beach, and they are healthier than they've been all pre-season. Good stuff.

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