Congrats to the Knicks on the preseason win; Do they make banners for that?

Coaches generally don't care at all about preseason wins or losses. Doc has been emptying his bench every 4th quarter this preseason. The Celtics starters cheered on the team's 3rd stringers as they tried to win one for the birthday boys Doc and Pierce. While most teams would be resting their knocking on 40 point guard, Woodson really wanted the win, so Jason Kidd was on the court in crunch time. The refs game him the old man hook-up late in the game on  a jump ball (Mike and Donny called the ref out on this). KG proceeded to give the ref the business from the bench. Couldn't read his lips, but ScarryLarry in the Shout Box had a good line saying KG's words were "I got your license plate number." Congrats to the Knicks on the preseason win. Do they make banners for that? Final score Knicks 98, Celtics 95 in OT.

Celtics box score via Highlights and post game interviews will be up soon. Celtics next preseason game is Monday in Philly.

You can also grab tickets for the two Celtics preseason games at the Garden starting at only $3.