Comments from the other side - Sixers 10/21

Sixers fans seem to have a lot of hate for Tommy Heinsohn.  I wonder if they realize that Tommy has 10 championship rings and therefore is entitled to say whatever he wants about basketball.  There was also some KG hate in this game.  My favorite comment was the one stating that Celtics games should be R Rated because of what the on-court microphones pick up.  He may have a point there.  It also cracks me up reading how the Celtics look old.  They aren't an old team any more so they need to get used to it.   Enjoy the final preseason edition of CTFOS. 

I for one can't wait to see them pound on the Celtics again. I saw them last week. The Celts look old and slow.

Heinson is the most annoying announcer ever

KG preseason chest pounding Completely necessary.

Brandon Bass jumpers are the death of me

Cannot stand these Boston announcers

Nice shove by Rondo on ET to get open for the jump shot, no call. AWESOME

Moultrie got ***** in the paint, no whistle.

These Celtics announcers getting on my nerves..

Turner bailed out by goaltending call.

Crappy start, poor officiating Imo, and absolutely homer/crappy commentators. Ughhhh save me

TOMMIPOINTZZZZ!!!!! The accent really bothers me for some reason.

Good move... But that was a clean block by KG

It was But I cannot stand the color commentator yelling

Shut up with your stupid Bauwston accent

Even when he’s not talking, you can hear Tommy Heinsohn breathing.

Haha, yeah. It just makes me hate the Celtics even more.

I wonder if he’s ever been sober for a broadcast.

Probably not. Between him and Jack Edwards, Boston has some bad announcers.

Wish PP would stop screaming like a btch everytime there's contact. So damn annoying

Bass perpetually owns hawes

Oh god, Spencer just got stuffed by Sullinger trying to take a three.

Watching Hawes play is very painful. Please get healthy soon, Bynum.

Celtics are playing with no point guard.

Sullinger kind of reminds me of Elton Brand.

“And 1… F###!” I love mics under the basket.

Celtics games should be rated R.

KG gets away with moving screens, elbows and slaps more than anyone in the game.

KG still gets super-di-duper-star calls, even though he’s mostly “pretty good” at this point in his career.

Pierce got those all the time in the playoff series because he was screaming bloody murder

I detest the Celtics. Even more than I detest the Knicks, and that’s saying something. They are the biggest entitled crybabies in the NBA.

Tommy pretending that Hawes set the dirtiest screen ever, even though he watches KG play every night.

STFU Heinsohn. You have no right criticizing picks when you have KG playing for YOUR team.

Man even if I were a Celts fan I couldn't listen to these announcers every night!

Heinsoln is simply hilarious I could listen to him watch the Celtics lose every day.

Hawes makes Jeff Green look like Dikembe Mutombo.

Spencer Hawes... …the “Soft White Underbelly” of the Sixers.

Tommy thinks Jrue could be a good point guard. Considering Jrue doesn’t play for the Celtics, that’s pretty high praise.

Rondo is so silky smooth with his handles.

Rondo traveled like hell

For some reason, Tommy didn’t see it.

Flopping fine for KG?

KG deserves an Oscar bid like EVERY year.

They should slap him with the biggest fine ever one of these times. That is, if they’re really serious about cleaning up the flopping.

Hawes just put Sullinger in a choke hold

The Sixers remaining from last year need to remember that Bass can't be left alone and inform the new guys.

Jeff Green getting healthy enough to play and winding up back with the Celtics, what a stroke of luck for them. Man, would they be in trouble without Jeff Green.

I like the guy and am glad to see him finally showing what he can do but I hate that it's for the Celtics.

Celtics look old...but I've held that opinion for about three years now.

Them looking so old is exactly why I said that Green really saves their asses. He's got great energy out there.

Can we talk about... How much I freaking hate KG now? I used to like him a lot when he was on the Wolves. I even liked him that first year in Boston…I was happy that a guy who worked that hard his whole career finally got what he deserved. Now, he’s a whiny crybaby wussyboy who thinks he poops ice cream and flops like Jello. Dude, you’re not all that great anymore. Just shut the hell up and play basketball. And stop hitting people with your freaking elbows.

I like his game but he’s annoying. But I’d take him on the Sixers.

He’s OK, and has Old KG moments sometimes. But most of his game these days seems to be getting calls on ticky-tack fouls and screaming. If it weren’t for flat-out homer officiating, he would have all of four points tonight. He got his ass shut down by Lavoy Allen. Again. They finally had to bail him out by calling cheap fouls on Allen til he fouled out.

I just can’t stand his flopping and screaming and getting bailed out by the officials for being the guy who used to be KG.