Comments from the other side - Sixers 10/15

Well, that was unpleasant to watch. Hopefully the Celtics got that all out of their system and hopefully Doc can start defining roles a bit more so that they can get into a groove before the start of the season. Sixers fans aren't all that bad a bunch. They don't seem to have the vitriol that say Knicks fans or Heat fans or Lakers fans have. My favorite comment was the one about Danny putting the false reports out about Sully. I wouldn't put it past him LOL. Enjoy today's Comments in spite of the loss...

I always want a win over Boston even if it is only preseason.

Thad Young and Lavoy Allen will start at the forward positions with Hawes in the middle. Kwame is out with a strained calf.

Darko is going to dominate!

Looking down from the 200s Andrew Bynum looks like an abolishinist who made a wrong turn at the Wells Fargo Center.

Pierce’s “OH!” = automatic foul

Sullinger sort reminds me of elton brand. Not too athletic but smart and uses his body well.

Poor Turner can’t finish over Courtney Lee

Hawes hair is ridiculous.

Did Hawes lose a bet or something? Cause I would cut him due to that hairstyle alone. Bynums fro is dope though.

I honestly don’t think Hawes could guard me. And to say I was horrific at basketball would be a gross understatement.

Sloppy the last 5:00. It's pretty bad when Sullinger has 4 points, 2 rebounds, and 1 assist in a short period of time...

Sullinger is another guy that I wanted... Crazy that Danny Ainge put those false reports out there... That should be tampering?

It's sad when you can't beat 50 year old Pierce off the dribble. Turner needs to get serious or he's going to be gone real quick.

Superscrub hawes looks like he's got some wilderbeast attached to the back of his head.

I'll be honest... If Bynum needs a season to sit and get healthy but he'd definitely re-sign with us, I'd be okay with that. We would absolutely blow this year, but we would get a top 10 pick to mix in with Bynum and Holiday. Not my favorite plan, but not awful.

The Boston commentator thinks Hawes can play PF

So does Spencer Hawes.

It is going to be ugly when he has to match up against a smaller athletic 4.

I don’t think he really matches up well with big tough 4’s either.

Ref better watch out. Darko might **** his wife and daughter.

With the way they are calling those moving picks KG will foul out every game this year lol

Doc Rivers complaining about foul calls…in the preseason.

I don't think ET playing SF on offense and guarding opposing SF is a good idea. He seems to be a bit heavy.

Turner might actually be better at defending SFs than he was defending SGs. He packed on like 20 lbs of fat to take on the workload.

Doug must have called him all summer. "Hey suck...fatass" click

Boston has 15 turnovers so far They’re really halfass-ing it out there. Plus Rondo’s shooting a lot more.

I'm hoping this BOSTON team shows up this season lol...

Either the 'Ers D is on FIRE or the Celt's O is BROKE. I'm going with the latter...

Sounds like a little of both going on.... Celtics look OLD and OLDER...

Paul Pierce loathes Evan Turner lol. Nice to see Pierce getting trolled on the court because he's always been like that throughout his career.

Turner is getting abused by Pierce. And Paul isn't even trying.

This is what the Celtics will look like when Pierce and Garnett are gone. Maybe a little bit better since this is just a pre-season game.

Please Spence, don’t get injured and lose all of your Hawesomeness

Doc Rivers can only cross his arms in disgust lol...

Yeah. Rivers not that concerned. If it were regular season, YES

39% from the floor for the Celtics... Send a message that the Sixers ain't to be F'D with...

You love to see a game like this where all phases were won... And anytime you can KICK THE CELTICS ARSE IT'S A WIN WIN