Comments from the other side - Knicks 10/13

 Knicks fans are funny. They really hate the Celtics and they are usually pretty obnoxious about it.  But, the Celtics have a few players that even Knicks fans can't hate -Sullly, Fab, Kris Joseph, and Dionte seem to have a few fans among the Knicks fandom.  One thing they agree on is that Rondo with a jumper is dangerous.  From what I've seen this season so far,  Rondo is going to be very dangerous this year.  And now, without further ado, here is the very first Comments from the Other Side for this season.  Enjoy....

I'm eager to see how we play against Boston. That's competition on our level and just a little taste of what the battle for the Atlantic divison crown will be. I like the MSG ad with the line "a rivalry so intense they have to play at a neutral ground" MSG sure knows how to promote games.

Felton looks stocky , not fat but stocky like a baron Davis build.

Stocky is about the best your gonna get with a Raymond Felton...

Is Avery Bradley aka mini shump gonna play tonight?

Amare's out, Camby's out. White, both Smith bros, Sheed, Brewer and obviously Shump are all out for tonight's game...

I know it's only preseason and so many are sitting out across the league. But that list above is an absolute joke with the amount of injuries

The Celtics added elite player.... Fab Melo .....all 7 ft of him....great acquisition.... Stephen Green who was out last year,,,,excellent player.. Courtney Lee and Jason Terry,,,5 Excellent acquisitions... Makes the Celtics a lot stronger than last year...

Oh well. And all we got was Camby, Felton, Kidd, Prigioni, Brewer, Thomas and Wallace. And while I wish the best for Sullinger like I do for any rookie, were the 20 picks ahead of him even more "elite?"

I cant wait for this game Missed the last one but I am also a HUGE Sullinger fan

I hope we crush them. Even if its preseason. A rival is a rival.

Fab Melo could be a beast down the road, but right now all he is, is an agile 7 footer with no real skills other than shot-blocking at the college level.

Not to say I wouldn't have been pumped if we drafted Melo... Talk about potential... The dude grew up playing soccer and just recently picked up basketball. Not many 7 footers can move like him.

I hate the Celtics, even in preseason man my skin itches knowing we have to play them hope we beat dat @$$

Rivers is an ******* and he'll have all the starters in the 4th quarter.

Doc's gotta be one of my favorite coaches I don't see how you can diss him just because he coaches the C's

F that I hate peirce and his dancing @$$, respect that whole team too, but F them tho

Sorry can't like Pierce, respect yea, like? That airplane thing he did, how can any Knick root for this guy? Maybe against Miami but that's about it.

Paul pierce, the knicks troll. I loathe Paul Pierce's face!

Rondo with a jumpshot is dangerous

Rondo always destroys us

I swear Rondo looks like Rupaul...

The Celtics are going to lead the league in illegal screens, called & not called

Darko got fat I guess useless wasn't enough for him

Rondo looks like he put on muscle

Pierce tried to flop lol

Melo made pierce look like a little kid on that wowwwwww!

One of these days Pierce is going to hurt himself trying to over sell those contact flops and I'll laugh at him

Sullinger is going to destroy Novak, he's huge

I want to beat the Celtics so bad even though it's the preseason.

Pierce is gyrating like a Jamaican at a dancehall

Sigh, knicks still arent better than the Celtics The terry addition will work wonders for them

I think we have gotten closer

I think we have outplayed them in the 1st and they have a full healthy roster. We have Amare, Shumpert, Brewer, JR, and Camby out I think we will over take them this year. Before they had that veteran edge especially late in games. We now have players that don't give too craps about the history of Garnett and Pierce.

Boston bench is scary.lee terry milicic green sullinger..

Another reason to hate Darko

I see Darko still hasnt grown a brain.

Wow. Green can play. It seems like he hasn't lost a step even after 1 year away from the NBA.

That is embarrassing

LOL Pierce acting like he accomplished something by beating this bunch of bum

Lol Boston still has pierce and garnett out there...they should be up by 20 by now

Why is Boston using their starters so much and we are using shurna sims and thomspon?

They wanna send a message to us... "We're scared" Lol! When our starters are out there, we clearly out play them. They have no answer for Melo.

Woodson doesn't know how to teach an offense...its becoming more apparent by the day.

Melo is in MVP mode everyone else is in the retirement home

Its excruciating having to listen to these Boston announcers...

Rondo hitting a shot consistently = Danger for the NBA

Amen dude If I had to choose a PG to start my team with, he is it.

Glad to see the refs are in mid-season form. Melo might be the only superstar player that gets no calls.

The #1 goal this season should be to wipe that smirk on Paul pierce's face every time he plays the knicks.

On the bright side we are playing Boston with half a roster but they are 100 percent healthy

Melo's ability to draw fouls is great! PP on 4 fouls already

I hate Jason terry's socks.

Doc not playing his scrubs is considered cheating in pre-season -_-

Lol, I say let the Celtics play balls out like this is our actual team.

My God these Boston announcers.. To sum it up they call melo selfish, that teammates are open and hes not looking their way, that he is narcissistic scorer, that its "only fitting" that his first foul is an offensive foul because of lack of d..

This is why I hate nba officials, Melo never gets those calls... Meanwhile, over at L.A. And Miami, Kobe, Lebron and Wade are going to the line all game on lesser contact plays.

Knicks are playing like 2nd preseaon game. Celtics are playing like we're in December. They want to beat us so bad I think pierce was on court the whole game so far.

Boston has taken like 40 free throws when we have taken like 10

Refs don't like Melo

I have a feeling were going to have problems with younger teams

Y is rondo still playing?

What else is new, rondo rakes melo across the foul

I actually think its kinda funny how serious Boston seems to be taking this game...

God I hate the Celtics so much

No one on the Celtics are even playing well

Someone tell Doc it's pre-season

Sullinger thought he could get the KG treatment on the illegal screen. Not yet rook.

CHRISTMAS! I know hes on the Celtics but I loved this kid in college

Rasheed is out of shape theres no telling when he will play. Could be mid-season or play-offs.

Mid season? Then what the **** was the point of bringing him in if he won't be here the entire year.

The refs are letting the Cs maul Melo.

Love the way doc coaches d I cant lie

Is Rivers serious calling a timeout with less than 1 minute into the 4th?

Beside POP I cant think of another coach in the league that's better than Doc IMO

We are barely losing, with half of our rotation out, with doc coaching like its the playoffs and Melo getting mauled.

Kris Joseph, I hope he does well, good player for SU

I hate the Celtics ...I'm starting to hate Doc too, and I really think he's a great coach...

I hate the color green even. If I see a short person, I kick them just in case they might be a leprechaun.

Hey Boston, our scrubs are better than yours!!

Say what you want about Boston, I admire their unity as a team and the strong Identity they have as a team. They relish being total d-bags.

And wtf! It's a preseason game. Can these Celtic ****s just curl up and die already?

I want Christmas on our team. Ill trade Melo for him I don't even care I love that name lol.

If Paul pierce was in the game, I would've guaranteed a 2nd OT

Can Boston even make the playoffs?

Haha Celdicks aren't winning the divisin this year! We got this!