Celtics are #4 in ESPN Power Rankings

In the "preseason" edition of Marc Stein's NBA power rankings just released by ESPN, our men in green have landed in the #4 spot.  The C's have actually moved up two places from #6 since Stein's "training camp" rankings on September 28th.  He dropped Oklahoma City from 3 to 5 after the James Harden trade; but also has clearly seen something of significance from Boston this month in order to move them past the previous #5 team, the L.A. Clippers.

To the surprise of no one, the defending champion Miami Heat continue to hold down the top spot.  An 0-8 exhibition season and a less than healthy Kobe Bryant have knocked the Lakers from #2 down to number #3, leaving the San Antonio Spurs as the second highest ranked team in the NBA.

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