Brian Scalabrine says Rajon Rondo will be MVP this year

"I don't like them(the Heat) either, I have to do the game and watch them get their rings. I don't want to do it but I have to"
-Brian Scalabrine during Podcast

If you haven't listened to the last Bill Simmons podcast with Brian Scalabrine yet do so right now. People like to hate on Bill Simmons, but the guy has the best job ever and knows his stuff. Scal was awesome in this podcast as you'd expect from a ginger.  I've listed some of the highlights of the podcast below.

Scal is high on Rondo saying with confidence that "Rondo will win the MVP this Year." Simmons agreed(but then backtracked later) and the conversation flowed from there. The two compared Rondo and Kidd and their similar career arcs. Specifically, how Kidd and Rondo saw the game differently from everyone else and both improved their jump shots as their careers progressed. 

They talked about the difference between Rondo and everyone else is that he makes up new and unique ways to play the game.  He's one of the few players in league history that you can't really compare to anyone else(except maybe Kidd).   I personally think Rondo vastly improved his shot last year.  He just needs to clean up his free throw shooting. Can you imagine Rondo with even a "pretty good" jumper? Scary good.

The two talked a lot about the rift between Rondo and Ray as well. Scal said the main issue with the two were the two had different visions of how the team should be run,  and that Ray wanted the ball more.  Simmons talked about how, as a fan, it looked like Rondo was getting frustrated having to wait for Ray to come around screens and get open.  I tend to agree with this statement. How many times did Rondo slow up to wait for Ray to get open instead of taking it to the hole?

Scal doesn't understand the loyalty angle in regards to Ray leaving for the Heat.  He compares it to a person leaving Pepsi for Coke. Simmons countered that athletes don't care the same as fans do.   I thought this was extremely interesting. What do you all think? What is the difference between you leaving your company for another company and the athlete leaving their team for another team? Is it that they leave or is it how they leave? This is for another blog, but please leave your comments below.

One of the most interesting parts of the podcast for me was when Simmons and Scal talked about the 2008 Celtics title team. Simmons referred to the team as a bunch of "chemists" meaning they had more chemistry guys than any team he can remember (PJ Brown, James Posey, Scal, Eddie House).  That 2008 team will forever be in my heart. I was too young to remember the last Celtics title team in 1986, so for me it was kind of like my 1st Celtics banner.

There were a ton of great Scal quotes, but I've listed some of my favorite. Please take a listen to the podcast if you haven't already. Sorry for the long post but I tend to blabber a bit when it comes to Scalabrine.

Scal Quotes
"No one talks to KG an hour before the game, but an hour and a half before he'll be watching Family Guy".
"KG is the most hated player in the NBA and the most beloved teammate"
"There is no possible way the Lakers could've won that series"-talking about 2008 Lakers
"KG wants people to understand basketball is not a game it is a lifetime passion""Even if you hate Garnett if you watch him and still don't like him I don't see how you can like basketball"
"Shaq was by far the most dominant player of my generation"
"Yes, but until KG retires he just has to be the VP of culture"- In response to Simmons asking if Rondo has the ability to change the culture of the Celtics."

I love Scal, Simmons, and the Celtics. One more week!.