Boston Celtics new additions find favor with Doc Rivers

When the Boston Celtics first brought the "Big Three" together,( a moniker I believe belongs to Boston exclusively) KG affectionately coined the term "Ceatles" like the Beatles.  That term as well as "Ubuntu" was part of the impetus for banner 17.

It is now five years later, and the "Ceatles" have changed a little bit under the hood.  They no longer run like that 52 Studebaker that somehow seems to  run better after Groundhogs day.  The lads in green have souped up the engine and added the muscle (to continue with the car analogy), of a 2012 Dodge Challenger. They can get up and go from the count of zero.

Rondo has imposed his will on the team on the court; of the court, it is still Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnetts' gig.  The leadership here is a shared role and the head honcho that makes sure that ego's are not involved is Doc Rivers.

Rivers' ability to 'keep it real' with players, regardless of their bank accounts has earned him league wide respect.  As a result, players like Jason Terry and Courtney Lee; players who can be starters and  major contributors on any other team have bought into what is best for the team.

The rejuvenated Jeff Green, who attacks the game with a renewed sense of purpose and will.  The "I get no-respect" slip in the draft rookie, Jared Sullinger will also play a significant role. Now he has added Leandro Barbosa who may have been the best thing for Fab Melo besides playing time and hanging with KG.

After the heartbreak of last season, Danny Ainge has given Doc Rivers some great tools to play with and in the process has given Rajon Rondo a reason to stay in Boston. Food for thought, Rondo will barely be 30 years old when his current contract expires.

Boston hopes that with this revamped roster and facing their one and only nemesis the Miami Heat on opening night can somehow set the blueprint for banner 18.