Bass starting tonight

Doc says Brandon Bass will start at PF tonight, and Jason Terry will start alongside Rondo in the backcourt.

Looks like Bass is back in the starting lineup, thus making it that Jared Sullinger will come off of the bench. It'll be interesting to see how Bass works with the Rondo,Terry,Pierce,Garnett lineup. This is just another combination by mad scientist Doc though.

Celtics going with Rondo, Terry, Pierce, Bass, and KG for starting lineup. Doc says he’ll continue to mix & match until he finds top group.

Also it looks like we may see more of the vets playing tonight:
Doc says he's going to give players gifts for his birthday. "I'm going to give them playing time today." 

Hopefully this means we'll get to see more of our best players on the court tonight. 
Game at 7:30 EST! Don't be late!