Avery Bradley thinks he'll be back early

C's coach Doc Rivers said it'll be eight more weeks before he starts to concern himself with Bradley's return.

But Bradley is optimistic he'll be back sooner.

"I'm young and the healing process has been going well," Bradley said. "I've been listening to the doctors. So I definitely think I can be back early."

We've heard that Bradley could be out as late as January. If he got back sooner, that'd be great but the Celtics might be set without him for awhile. That's no knock on Bradley, but more a reference to the fact that the Celtics have a very good rotation at guard - with Courtney Lee and Jason Terry able to fill in Bradley's minutes.

Once Bradley returns, however, the Celtics could - as Doc has said - have the best guard rotation in the NBA. One key thing to keep in mind for Bradley is how great he'll be once he returns. He's had surgery on both shoulders. That sounds scary to me.