All About 18: The Truth

While teammates Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo were knee deep in basketball clinics and product launches all over Asia this past summer, Boston Celtics Captain Paul Pierce kept it cool and close to home – kicking sand at the beach and just hanging with a bunch of everyday friends like … Edward Norton, Snoop Lion (formerly Dogg), Eva Longoria, Jonah Hill, John Legend and Lenny KravitzOh yeah!  Membership on the Celtics definitely has its rewards.  And for the longest-tenured member of the current Celtics, the rewards are well-deserved.

The Truth enters his 15th NBA season this month – the continuation of a long and fruitful career that has been marked by as many ups as it’s had downs.  He endured the “dark years” of defeat and reveled upon a remarkable era of resurgence.  Through the good times and bad, Pierce has always stayed afloat – using adversity as his motivation.

“That’s how it’s been my whole career,” Truth told CSNNE before taking off for Istanbul.  “I was the tenth pick, remember?  Projected number two (overall in the draft).  They forgot then.  That’s how I like it.”

He’s also been dependable – be it the Pitino/Antoine era, the Ainge/Ricky Davis era or the Doc Rivers/Big 3 era, Truth has been true with his tough drives to the hoop and signature drop-step-jumpers.  “I’m a veteran leader,” he said.  “I’ve got to be consistent in everything that I do on the court, off-the-court, my work ethic, and just continue to be me.  My role is just as important as everyone else.  I’m the Captain of this ballclub and they expect big things out of me.”

And big things are surely in store for the Boston Celtics this season, as the Truth emboldens their drive for #18.