All About 18: Back for More

Where were you the afternoon of July 31, 2007? 

I was in my office cube working a regular Tuesday when news broke across all the sports sites that he was indeed headed to Boston.  I streamed the press conference through the office desktop and recalled seeing him hold up the green #5 jersey and whispering “yes!!!” to myself and rocking clenched fists in the air over and over and over and over again…     YES!!! 

Then my no-sports-fan-at-all co-worker walked in on me during my elation and gave me a wrinkled look as tears, I just then realized, were slowly rolling down from my eyes.  “Is this a bad time?” she asked uncomfortably.  I was unable to immediately explain myself to her – knowing she wouldn’t understand – but I answered: “No, not at all…  this is the greatest time!”

Thank you KG for coming back and extending the “greatest time” for all of Celtic Nation.  With you, Celtic Pride is back… Ubuntu is back… and pretty soon, we’re confident the World Championship will be back.   We’re back for more!  Back for #18!