Rondo says the Philippines is like Boston on steroids

Bleacher Report
B/R: You talked about being interested in the basketball culture in the Philippines. I was wondering: What made you interested in that culture?

RR: Just common sense. The fans are crazy there. It’s unbelievable how many Celtic fans are there, how many Rondo fans are there. They bleed basketball. It’s like being home in Boston, but kinda on steroids. Population of about 93 million, and they show a lot of love. A lot of fans understood the game of basketball, and I think they could relate to me because I'm not the biggest guy on the court, but I play with a lot of heart.

I think Rondo had as much fun on his visit to the Philippines as Filipinos did having him there. I've always considered the Philippines to basketball what the Dominican Republic is to baseball. Whereas they're all about baseball in the D.R. they "bleed basketball" (to use Rondo's words) in the Philippines.