JET takes Christmas under his wings

See what I did there?
“Once we got to Boston, Jason told me he was going to look after me,” Christmas said. “[He told me] we were going to get in the gym together a lot, he wanted to see me be the best player I could be for Boston and be the best person I could be, period....

“He told me at Reebok, ‘Every time I see you slacking, I’m just going to look at you and tell you you’re not going back,’ meaning I’m not going back overseas,” said Christmas. “I said, ‘I hope you’re right.’ So every time I looked at him, he’d just give me a look or he keeps telling me I’m going hard. It’s just a confidence booster in itself, him being in the gym, his presence.”

Christmas was one of the stars of the Celtics Summer League, and his play earned him a spot with the real Celtics team. Apparently, Jason Terry has taken it upon himself to make sure that Christmas can stick around.

This article is an awesome read, Christmas paints Terry in a great light - going into his work routines, his dedication and his shooting prowess.

When the Celtics first signed Terry, I'll admit that I was a little bit skeptical, given his age. However, he's really impressed me from stories like this and his dedication to the team - even getting a tattoo of the Celtics leprechaun already.

Christmas likely won't get very much playing time this season as a Celtic, as a shoot guard he's the last on the depth chart at a very deep position - Avery Bradley, Terry, and Courtney Lee. However, he'll be able to learn a lot from veterans like Terry as well as Kevin Garnett. It's great that Terry can play that role, the strength of character of Celtics players has always been a strength. Glad to see he can add to that.