ESPN ranks Rondo NBA's 5th best point guard

First things first, no one should really care too much what ESPN thinks. Secondly, our players tend to play better with a chip on their shoulders. Rajon Rondo was the highest ranking Celtic again this year in ESPN's Player Rankings. Last year he came in at #17 overall and this year he's up to #12. Being considered the 12th best player in the NBA is nothing to sneeze at, but...

ESPN decided that the self proclaimed best point guard in the league, Rajon Rondo, was only the 5th best in their eyes at the position. In front of Rondo, ESPN placed Chris Paul (4th overall), Derrick Rose (5th overall), Russell Westbrook (9th overall), and Deron Williams 10th overall.

So what are your thoughts Celtics Lifers? Are you proud to see Rondo move up to #12 overall? Do you think he was ripped off being listed as the 5th best point guard in the league?