Rajon Rondo channels his inner Roy Hobbs

One of my favorite movies is "The Natural." One of Roy Hobbs' (Robert Redford's) most famous lines was: "And then when I walked down the street people would've looked and they would've said there goes Roy Hobbs, the best there ever was in this game." He says this later on the movie, but I believe he also says it in the beginning before a drastic turning point in the movie (don't want to spoil it). Anyway, reading a couple of Rondo's quotes today in the Philippines, it seems like he shares a similar motivation to The Natural's protagonist.
“It is kinda too early to place my mark on where I am in Celtic history as a point guard. But hopefully, by the time I finish my career, I’d be the best to ever play for the Celtics.”
Regarding team goals Rondo had this to say:
“In five years, I’ll be 31 (years old). Hopefully, I have at least, and I say at least, two more championships, Maybe one. You never know. I expect to win every year I play.” “We have the talent... The team we have, the talent that surround me, the coaching staff, the organization, we expect to win a championship every year.
I think almost all of the elite athletes in history are on the over cocky site. Rondo has repeatedly called himself the best point guard in the NBA. Saying he wants to retire as the best point guard in Celtics history is a lofty goal. His main competitor for that crown, Bob Cousy, is a huge fan of Rondo's. So my question for you is when Rondo has retired and he walks down the street, will people say, "There goes Rajon Rondo, the best point guard the Celtics ever had?"