Some light on the holdup with Terry's contract signing

For Celtics fans wondering what the holdup is in the formal signing of Jason Terry to the contract agreed upon, some light has been shed on the matter. According to the Dallas Morning News, the Celtics and Mavs are discussing sign and trade options.
In regard to outgoing players, Jason Terry still hasn’t signed with Boston, but that deal has been agreed upon. Apparently, the only holdup is whether the Mavericks can figure out a way to sign-and-trade Terry rather than simply losing him in free agency for nothing.

It might be a way to get Terry a few more dollars, and it might net the Mavericks a second-round draft pick or something like that for the future.

Either way, it won’t stop the departure of Terry. He’s a Celtic. It’s just a matter of how that deal gets completed.
Along with giving Terry a few more dollars and giving the Mavs some sort of asset in return, it would allow the Celtics to use their mid-level exception on another player.  There has been mutual interest between the Celtics and Courtney Lee but with Houston working on a Dwight Howard deal, they haven't been able to get a S&T deal done for Lee.   A sign and trade for Terry might be easier to work out and then the C's could use the MLE on Lee. Good to see that Danny is exploring all options.