Should the Celtics pursue Courtney Lee?

Unlike Jason Terry, it appears that Ray Allen might not be open to let his current team match whatever offer he receives. In fact there's a good possibility that Ray might accept even less to leave. Doc Rivers is trying hard to court Ray, who's feelings/ego were hurt when he was essentially traded at the trade deadline and also lost his starting gig to Game Changer Avery Bradley.

The Jason Terry signing gives the Celtics an explosive three guard rotation (with Rondo and Bradley), but the team still could use another swingman to replace Ray and Pietrus (Remember Ray also played the 3 when we went small). How about the young, athletic, sweet shooting Courtney Lee, who was just made an unrestricted free agent today? The 6'5" Lee averaged 11.4 ppg for the Rockets this past season, shooting over 40% from behind the arc. Seems like he'd be a great addition to the Celtics 2nd unit. He could back up both Bradley at the 2 and Pierce at the 3. He's also a decade younger that Ray Allen.

Now the question is how do the Celtics get him. Since Terry just took up the MLE, we would probably have to swing a sign and trade. So Houston, how about Krstic and a future 1st?