NBA changes to include addition of ads on NBA jerseys

Next season, we'll see an expansion of instant replay. All flagrant foul calls will go for immediate review to determine whether they constitute a "Flagrant 1," the more egregious "Flagrant 2," or a garden-variety foul. During the last two minutes of regulation and the entirety of overtime, officials will consult video to confirm the accuracy of a goaltending call and to determine whether a defender was inside or outside the restricted area on a block/charge call.

Most fans probably won't detect a radical change to the pace and contour of an NBA game with these additional three events added to the mix, but another likely change might jolt them:

Come fall, it's highly likely you'll see a small 2-inch-by-2-inch sponsorship patch stitched on the shoulder of your favorite player's game jersey.

As if the NBA doesn't already make enough money? I wonder how much of this additional income will go to lowering ticket prices or league pass subscription fees? And I'm so sure that the ads will always remain "a small 2-inch-by-2-inch."

DH came up with some sponsorship ideas 4 months ago (also see her LeBron pic above). And as Edwin says, "You can just see the (corporate) rivalry plot thickening." (See his Kobe/KG pic above).

What are your thoughts on ads on jerseys?