More good news: Clippers sign Ryan Hollins

Lost in all the hoopla surrounding the Celtics acquisition of Courtney Lee on Thursday was the Clippers signing KG's buddy Ryan Hollins.  Hollins of course came to the Celtics after being waived by the Cavs last season. And while he showed a lot of heart for the C's, he also showed why he will now be playing on his 6th team as he enters his 7th season. That's very rare for athletic true centers, but then again Hollins has the unique talent of almost always being on the outside looking in on box outs. 

The Celtics could definitely use a true center to round out their roster (Don't expect the very raw Fab Melo to get too many minutes as a rookie). Maybe Doc can work his magic and convince Greg Stiemsma to take a little less to remain in Boston. Doc was able to convince both Jason Terry and Courtney Lee to take less to come to Boston, and I'm sure that Doc's presence also played a large role in KG, Bass, and Green re-upping. Time is definitely running out though to bring back Stiemsma.