Maybe Danny isn't so bad after all

It's no secret that Danny Ainge is a controversial figure in Boston. The Perk trade had people calling for his head. The constant Rondo trade rumors the last two seasons had people questioning his ability as a general manager. However, I've always thought Danny was a good manager and knew what was best for the Celtics. He has proved it this off-season.

Someone as brash as Danny is going to be controversial. He's not the most loyal guy, but frankly loyalty doesn't work anymore in the NBA. This isn't your father's NBA. To compete you have to cut ties with some fan favorites sometimes. I'm not even going to touch on the Perk thing right now because I know all the Perk maniacs will storm my apartment.

Anyway, Danny gets an A from me this off season. Priority #1 was bringing back KG. He did that. Priority #2 was getting rebounding help. He did that drafting Sullinger and bringing in Jason Collins. Priority 3 was getting a replacement for Ray Allen. Yes, if you didn't see the Ray Allen departure coming you just weren't paying attention. He did that as well. In fact, we got two players who are as good and probably better( right now) than Ray.

If you tell me you'd rather have a 36 year old Ray Allen than a 26 year old Courtney Lee you're living in some kind of weird twilight zone. Our defense is going to be ridiculous next year. I'll always love Ray, but he probably couldn't guard Scal at this point.

If you are going to rag on someone when they mess up you need to be able to give them credit when they've done good. Danny Ainge has put together a championship caliber team this off-season when many people were writing the Celtics off for the next decade after their loss in game 7. In my opinion, we don't just have a better team than last year we have a much better team if things work out the way they should. Yes, maybe Danny isn't so bad after all.