It was very much about the money for #34 Ray Allen

Ray Allen will go back to wearing #34 for the Heat, putting his 5 years in Boston behind him. Ray of course wore #34 at UCONN, in Milwaukee and in Seattle.

"I've given so much not only on the floor but off the floor. So there is a sense of sadness and hurt that people feel. We feel loss too. We're still part of that community. We're still part of New England."

Yeah ok Ray.

So in a way it very much was about the money. Ray said he talked to KG when he was leaning towards going to the Heat. KG told him that Danny will step up. Ray replied to KG, "We'll see." So there it is: If the Celtics gave Ray $27 million, he'd still be in Boston. But since they wouldn't, he goes to Miami for $9 million. Maybe money equalled respect to Ray, and if he couldn't get a shitload he was going to be spiteful and go to Miami.

Ray had no comment on Rondo.