Rivers on Allen and how the Celtics would've drafted his son

[Doc]Rivers conceded that if the Celtics had a higher pick in the draft, they would have taken his son, Austin Rivers, who was selected at No. 10 by the New Orleans Hornets. The Celtics had the 21st and 22nd picks.

Really no surprise there but still good to have confirmed. A lot of people were rooting for that union, it might have led to some awkward moments off of the court but if you believe Austin Rivers is going to be as good as a lot of people do, then that pick would've been a no brainer.

Also, Doc Rivers seems to be singing a different tune on Ray Allen. Just recently, he was sounding confident that Allen would be back with Boston, now he's unsure. (see: Ray Allen will visit Miami Heat and LA Clippers, C's focus on Terry)

“I don’t know," Rivers said. "We’re working hard. He has a lot of options and that’s the bad news for us. It’ll be interesting. I wish I had a feel on it. Usually I do. But I can tell you in this one I don’t.”...

Still, Rivers didn't sound like he was ready to give up on Allen. The Celtics, after all, can offer Allen more money than any contender.

"Yesterday," Rivers answered when asked when he last spoke with Allen. "I’m going to talk to him today, I’m going to talk to him tomorrow, I’m going to talk to him the next day.”