LA cancels meeting with Ray Allen, sign Crawford and Billups

LA times
With Crawford and Billups reaching deals with the Clippers, L.A. cancelled the visit they had planned for free agent shooting guard Ray Allen on Friday.

So there goes this idea then...

Now Celtics fans are faced with the harsh reality that Ray Allen could very well sign with the Miami Heat. The Clippers made the most sense in a lot of ways for Allen. He could start, he'd make more money plus he'd have a shot at a title.

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have been putting on a clinic to get Allen to sign with the Miami Heat. Now Ray has to choose between only Boston and Miami.

He'll have virtually the same role on both teams. He will come off of the bench, and he'll probably be on the floor at the end of games. He'll make the most money by staying in Boston but he'll have a better chance at a championship in Miami.

With Boston (verbally) signing Jason Terry the situation just got a little hairier here, it's hard to imagine there are enough minutes to go around...

Would Ray consider ditching Boston for its heated rival? The answer is yes, he's meeting with Miami today. We'll see if he actually does it.