Celtics take on Thunder in Summer League opener

 [image] vs [image]
Boston Celtics (0-0) vs OKC Thunder  (0-0)
Monday, July 9
1:00 PM ET (Replay: 8:00 PM ET)
Amway Center Practice Court

Game Thread

Basketball is back for a couple of weeks and Celtics fans have a lot to be excited about. Unlike recent Summer League teams, where the majority of the players were just fill-ins with a long, long shot to make the team, this year's entry has 6 players either already on the team or who have a very good chance to make the team. Along with this year's 3 rookies and last year's 2 rookies, Sean Williams, a late addition to last year's team has a chance to earn a contract with the team.
Most Celtics fans will be especially watching their first round pick Jared Sullinger has a lot to prove and could end up being the steal of the draft if he produces the way most are expecting. Second on the must watch list is fellow first round pick, Fab Melo . He is a bit raw, but has much promise and most importantly, he is big.Kris Joseph, this year's second round pick could make a case for permanent employment with a good showing this week. Sean Williams has been impressing the coaches so far in practice and it would be great to see him dominate in SL play since he fills a big need on the team. E'Twaun Moore will need to impress if he wants to have his contract guaranteed for next season. So, there is much to watch and be excited about on this team.

Rules and Rosters after the Jump. 
Rules in Summer League are a bit different from regular season games with the biggest difference being 10 minute quarters, rather than 12, and 3 minute overtimes instead of the customary 5 minute OT period. Other SL rules include:
5 full timeouts per team per game
2 one-minute mandatory TV timeouts per quarter on the first dead
ball at 5:59 and then again at 2:59 on clock
Maximum of 3 full timeouts to be used in the 4th quarter per team
1 :20 second timeout per team per half
Teams will be in the penalty on the 5th team foul of each quarter
Teams will be in the penalty in overtime on the 3rd team foul
No foul out rule – for each personal foul in excess of 6, the opposing team receives 2 free throws. For each personal foul in excess of 10, the opposing team receives 2 free throws and the ball.
10-minute halftime periods during games
10-minute intermission between games

Celtics Roster
63 Craig Brackins F 6'10" 230 Iowa State
50 Dionte Christmas G 6'5" 205 Temple
40 Jonathan Gibson G 6'1" 171 New Mexico State
12 JaJuan Johnson F 6'10" 221 Purdue
43 Kris Jospeh F 6'7" 215 Syracuse
52 Stephane Lasme F 6'8" 215 Massachusetts
13 Fab Melo C 7'0" 255 Syracuse
55 E'Twaun Moore G 6'4" 191 Purdue
41 Jamar Smith G 6'3" 185 Southern Indiana
7 Jared Sullinger F 6'9" 280 Ohio State
56 Sean Williams C-F 6'10" 235 Boston College

Rivers, Doc
Hill, Armond
Eastman, Kevin
Longabardi, Mike
Lue, Tyronn**
Young, Jamie
**Probable SL head coach

Thunder Roster
45 Cole Aldrich C 6'11" 240 Kansas
23 Morris Almond G 6'6" 220 Rice
31 Kent Bazemore G-F 6'5" 195 Old Dominion
12 Dwight Buycks G 6'3" 190 Marquette
11 Lazar Hayward F 6'6" 225 Marquette
25 John Holland G 6'5" 205 Boston University
42 Darnell Jackson F 6'8" 240 Kansas
15 Reggie Jackson G 6'3" 208 Boston College
3 Perry Jones III F 6'11" 235 Baylor
30 Gary McGhee C 6'10" 250 Pittsburgh
33 Ryan Reid F 6'8" 235 Florida State
22 Garrett Temple G 6'5" 200 Louisiana State
21 Latavious Williams F 6'8" 225 Christian Life Center High

Brooks, Scott
Cheeks, Maurice
Kalamian, Rex
Bryant, Mark
Keefe, Brian