Celtics still after Lee; Knicks get Camby

“Well, Houston loves getting draft picks, so that could open it up to a sign and trade (between the Rockets and Celtics),” the former Houston guard, who lives in Orlando, said today while watching an Orlando Summer League game. “That’s one possibility that the Celtics have.”

“We’ll see where (the Celtics) are at,” said Lee. “But for the most part the meeting went well. Me and Doc have always had a good relationship since I’ve been in the NBA. I’m friends with both of his sons, Austin and Jeremiah. It was just a casual meeting between me and Doc.”

“In this stage it’s a process, feeling out teams that have an interest in you,” said Lee. “I don’t have to make a decision right away. There’s a few teams out there that have interest.”

The thing to keep in mind with Lee is that he's not some veteran player that has already made his NBA fortune. He's looking for his first big contract. That's part of the reason the celtics are typically rumored to be after vets. Young players, like Lee, O.J. Mayo, Jeff Green, etc. still are prioritizing getting paid. Vets like Terry, Ray, Rasheed, Shaq, PJ, etc. have more wiggle room in negotiations. Lee would be a fantastic fit if the Celtic can reel him in.

In other news, multiple sources are reporting that the Knicks were able to sign-and-trade for another player that the Celtics were after, Marcus Camby. Very solid addition for the Knicks. At least he stays away from the Heat. Is it me or did the lockout really help with the competitive balance issue. It's not like guys like Chris Paul, Joe Johnson, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Tyson Chandler, Jason Kidd, and Marcus Camby are all going to major markets like L.A. or New york or anything right?