Afternoon Delight: Video footage of the origin of the Rondo/Ray feud

When we first heard about this alleged beef between Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen, we knew there was only one man that could get to the bottom of this. Only one man who could find out where it all started. That man was Celtics Life investigative reporter Rondo Burgundy. With the help of a tip from Wicky Wubio from our world famous Shout Box, Rondo Burgundy has uncovered exclusive footage of the origin of the Rondo/Ray feud. Up until this point Rondo and Ray were the best of friends. Then this happened:

We had to edit the video because the rest of it was too graphic (Tons of explicit language, brief nudity, a donkey), but here's Rondo Burgundy's play by play of what happened:
After the Ray miss, Rondo fist pump and Perk background laughter, Ray lit into Rondo saying Rondo wished he could shoot half the percentage that Ray does from the line and that Rondo was jealous of his shooting and bare chested physique. Rondo then replied that Ray was the jealous one. That Ray wished he had half the Star Trek clothes that Rondo had in his closet. Ray then informed Rondo that he was no longer welcome to eat any of Flo Allen's baked goods and he would see to it that his friend Perk was traded. Rondo reponded, "Your mom's cookies taste like shit." Ray then put his shirt back on.

We were torn on whether we should share this explosive story or not, but felt many fans would appreciate hearing the real story of what went down. If ray had only hit that free throw...

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