Video: Kevin Garnett is a 67% shooter from 3 point land

I've never understood why KG likes to shoot just a step inside the 3 point line (also known as the worst shot in basketball). I mean obviously everyone prefers him down low, but he's always been a jump shooting big man primarily and that's the way it's going to stay. Oddly enough I've seen him more than a handful of times shooting 3's in practice (made 4 of 6 in today's practice video), but he rarely will in games. Hasn't anyone ever broken down the Math to him that 33% on 3 pointers gets you the same amount of points as 50% on 2 pointers? Or that shooting 4-6 like in the above video gets you the same amount of points as shooting 6-6 on 2's? Then also factor in that KG out at the 3-point line would open up the driving lanes even more. The negative of having a big man out at the 3 point line is irrelevant to the Celtics as the Celtics as a team concede going after offensive rebounds. They are told to go back on defense after a shot goes up (1 negative of having an older team).

Another interesting fact is that as KG has gotten older and posted up less, he has actually shot less from behind the arc, which if you check sportsbook review is rare for a NBA veteran. KG has averaged less than 8 3-pointers attempts a season with the Celtics after shooting as many as 116 a season with the Wolves according to ESPN. You'd think that playing a year with Rasheed "TLC" Wallace and seeing him chuck up 3's with no conscience (and 'Sheed was capable of being an amazing post player) would have inspired KG some? Doubt KG will change now, but why must he tease us with these practice videos?