Stiemsma on future: "Boston is definitely my No. 1 choice"

“Obviously, I have to do what’s best financially for me and my family. But at the same time, to come back to this system where I think I fit in pretty well, that will play a factor, too,” Stiemsma said. “The fans in Boston have been unbelievable. To come back to play for Doc (Rivers), hopefully we can make that work out. Boston is definitely my No. 1 choice.”

I'd be very pleased to see Stiemsma back with the Celtics. If his feet can hold up he should be able to carve out a nice NBA career. I wouldn't be surprised to see another GM try and swoop in and sign Stiemsma while the Celtics are dealing with bigger name free agents (Essentially what Chris Wallace and the Grizzlies did with Tony Allen in the Summer of 2010). Danny Ainge will have his work cut out for him this Summer.

Stiemsma was very appreciative of the tutelage he received from Kevin Garnett as a rookie:
“I was a little bit intimidated when I first came in,” Stiemsma said. “I didn’t think the respect level could be any higher, but the more and more I played with him, the more and more I saw how hard he worked, how serious he takes things, and my respect level just kept going through the roof and he just kept pulling me closer. I’m definitely very appreciative of him and everything he’s done for me.”

This is one of the reasons that bringing KG back is so imperative. He adds so many intangibles to the team and locker room that you will never be able to replace. Best of luck to Stiemsma this Summer resting that foot and playing for the U.S. select team (though I think he should concentrate more on the former).