Sources say Heat could target Ray Allen, Jermaine O'Neal

Alex Kennedy, Hoops World
Steve Nash, Chris Kaman, Grant Hill, Andre Miller, Ray Allen and Jermaine O’Neal are among the players who Miami could target with their mini mid-level exception, according to sources close to the situation. Those players can likely make more money elsewhere, but may be willing to take less to join the HEAT.
The Heat aren't going to waste their MLE on Jermaine, but I could see them signing him for a smaller amount. When he plays, he can still be a defensive presence, take charges and block shots. The Heat like to fill out their roster with a few big men corpses, so Jermaine could take one of those spots. Of course, O'Neal doesn't play that often, but I've heard he's going to Germany to get that Kobe knee procedure done this Summer, so that could get him back on the court. The surgery seemed to rejuvenate Kobe this season, so expect more players to try it now.

Several teams will be after Ray, and Ray considered signing with the Heat during the Summer of 2010. Miami would be a good fit for Allen at this stage of his career since he can't create his own shot anymore, but with LeBron and Wade he wouldn't have to. Just float around the 3-point line and shoot open 3's out of LeBron and Wade double teams.

Before anyone dogs Ray for entertaining joining the Heat remember the NBA is a business. Players are aware of this. Ray is very aware of this as he was essentially traded at the deadline before that trade blew up for reasons no one will report. Teams do what's best for the team. Players do what's best for them and their families. Would love to have Ray back as a weapon off our bench for the next couple seasons. I guess Danny could make this happen by giving Ray a no-trade-clause, but those are very rare in the NBA and I haven't heard that the Celtics have any interest in doing this (You give one to one player and then everyone will want it.).

If Ray chooses to leave the best case scenario for the Celtics is that he wants to go to a team that can't sign him outright, so they need to get Ray via a sign and trade, which could potentially get the Celtics back something in return.