Reality Check: It's good to be us

This is supposed to say "Mike and Tommy are awesome at life"

I should've written this article a couple weeks ago when Celtics nation was mourning a game 7 loss to the hated Heat. I didn't because JR never gave me my 30 pack of Narragansett stipend when I was up in Boston (I kid, I kid). But seriously, it was kind of depressing looking at this site for a couple weeks. It's almost like we were mourning the end of the Celtics.

Reality check everyone, we had an awesome season. Let's look at the facts shall we. We were on year five of a three year plan and got within 1 game,(and some may say a couple bad calls) from another NBA Finals.  We had no business getting anywhere near the Conference Finals with the loss of Jeff Green, Ray's bone spurs and the ridiculously over packed NBA schedule that should have ended KG's career about 7 times. The fact that he played like he did this year is one of the greatest things I've seen in sports by the way.  We did it because we're the  Boston Celtics.

I keep hearing people people say, "well that's the end of the Big 3 era." Well maybe it is, but I'm betting we get KG and Pierce back, then bring in Jeff Green or another quality starter. That coupled with another year of Avery Bradley maturing and developing his offensive game and we will be better than last year.  Even if we have seen the last of the golden years for a few years this run with the Big 3 and Rondo has been a huge success.

Stupid people that have no perception of the reality of sports will say that 1 title in 5 years isn't good enough. Please go on the Jim Rome Show or some negative Boston blog that will go unnamed and be depressed. The title in 2008 was worth everything. The fact that we got to another the final and probably should've won, were prevented a title in 2009 because of the Garnett injury, and had a chance at the title in 2012, is an incredible 5 year run.

Can all us Celtics fans come back to reality for a second here? We could be Bobcats fans. We could be Sacramento Kings fans or even worse live in Sacramento(no offense to my family out there, but the place is kind of depressing.) We could be Lakers fans and root for scum like Kobe and Metta World Peace. We could have bought stock in the Antoine Walker shimmy and been on the streets right now.  We could be in a lot worse situations than this.

Get some perspective. Be proud of being a Celtics fans and realize that other fan bases are jealous of us or at least should be.  We are still the greatest franchise in sports.  Celtic Pride for life.